Dr. Sprott graduated from Meharry Medical College, School of Dentistry, in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Sprott specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry but is also well trained and skilled in Endodontics, Orthodontics, Implantology and Prosthodontics. She is an active member of the American Orthodontic Society and performs traditional orthodontics and clear aligner therapy with Invisalign and Clear Correct therapies.

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Teeth Whitening Pasadena, TX

Teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments to offer you a non-invasive, quick, and affordable way to enhance your smile. Over time, your teeth begin to stain because of several reasons. Teeth whitening helps to remove such stains and give you your beautiful smile back. Everyone opting for this procedure sees substantial improvement in the appearance of their smile. 

Causes of Teeth Staining

  • Age

Many studies have laid down a correlation between your tooth color and age. Your teeth turn dull because of the wear and tear and accumulation of stains as you continue to age. People in their forties and fifties tend to have more stained teeth than the younger ones. 

  • Eating Habits

Some eating habits directly affect the color of your tooth. If you consume foods and beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, aerated drinks, oranges, carrots, and deeply colored foods, you are at a higher chance of discoloring your teeth. Acidic foods also contribute to the erosion of enamel, hence leading to yellow-colored teeth. 

  • Smoking

All smokers tend to have discolored teeth. It is because nicotine deposits brown-colored residues that soak into the tooth and lead to intrinsic discoloration. 

  • Chemicals and drugs

The use of drugs and chemicals also contributes to the staining of teeth. Excessive use of fluoride leads to discoloration, which is marked by faint white spots on the teeth. Similarly, the use of tetracycline also causes discoloration of teeth. 

Options of Teeth Whitening

  • In-Office Teeth Whitening

You can book an appointment with our dentist and opt for professional teeth whitening. Under this procedure, our dentist uses a relatively high-concentration peroxide gel to your teeth and leaves it for 20-25 minutes. The procedure requires only one sitting, but if your staining is too stubborn, you may require multiple sessions to achieve white teeth. It is the simplest method for whitening your teeth and the most affordable one as well. 

  • Professionally Dispensed Kits

You may have a word with our dentist and take home the professionally fabricated take-home whitening kits to produce the best results over a long period. The kit contains peroxide gel in lower concentrations, which you have to use as per the recommendation of our dentist.

  • Laser-Assisted Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening performed using a photosensitive whitening gel and activating laser help to produce more profound results. This procedure is quicker, more effective, and the effects produced last for a longer duration. Individuals who have tight schedules often prefer this method, but in general, most people would be suitable candidates for laser teeth whitening.

  • Lumi Smile

At Radiant Dental Care Pasadena, we offer Lumismile White, a new line of professional take-home whitening products that will help our patients to have sparkling, whiter teeth effectively under the guidance of our dentist. One of the major advantages of Lumi Smile is that the product does not cause much tooth sensitivity like drugstore teeth whitening kits, and these are available at an economical rate.

The Lumi Smile whitening kit is available in various strengths ~ 32%, 22%, and 16% carbamide peroxide formulations. The whitening gel included in the kit contains propylene glycol that will minimize the teeth's dehydration. Besides, there is extra water and potassium nitrate included in the gel to improve patient comfort.

Features and usage instructions of Lumi Smile:
  • Help remove dental stains and brighten the appearance of teeth.
  • Contain carbamide peroxide formulations that will result in teeth whitening.

Recommended duration to wear the Lumi Smile tray are as follows:

  • If it is 16% gel, the recommended time is one session of 4-8 hours.
  • If the gel is 22% carbamide peroxide, it is recommended to wear for one or two sessions of I-2 hours.
  • For 32% gel, it is recommended to wear it for one or two sessions of 10-15 minutes.
So, Lumi Smile is one of the safest and effective teeth whitening procedures.

  • Luma Smile
Luma Smile is an FDA-approved tooth polisher that can be used at home that helps in removing stubborn dental stains and improve the color of the teeth to have long-lasting results. Luma Smile includes a rotating rubber cup that gently removes stains from the surface of the teeth and polishes them to make the teeth smooth and glossy. 
  • Helps achieve professional results at home 
  • Removes stubborn dental stains 
  • Leaves teeth smooth and glossy 

  • KOR Whitening

At Radiant Dental Care Pasadena, we offer Kor Whitening, a deep bleaching treatment that whitens the teeth causing less tooth sensitivity but long-term results.

KoR whitening method includes both in-office whitening and custom-made teeth whitening trays to be used at home, offering more effective and faster results.

Specialties of KOR Whitening
  • The KOR Whitening system enhances the capacity of one's teeth to take in the oxygen emitted by the whitening gel, enabling easy elimination of dental stain molecules.
    KOR system's whitening trays are very lightweight, and hence, they do not cause any discomfort to the wearer. Besides, these trays stop the whitening gel from getting into the mouth.
  • Using the  KOR whitening system, it is possible to lighten the teeth by 16 shades. 
  • KOR whitening system enables the removal of tetracycline staining from teeth.
  • KoR Whitening does not cause any tooth sensitivity but is gentle on the gums and teeth, and you will not experience tooth sensitivity. This is because, while using the KOR whitening system, a desensitizing liquid is applied to the teeth initially that is capable of reducing the sensitivity during the whitening procedure.

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