Dr. Sprott graduated from Meharry Medical College, School of Dentistry, in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Sprott specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry but is also well trained and skilled in Endodontics, Orthodontics, Implantology and Prosthodontics. She is an active member of the American Orthodontic Society and performs traditional orthodontics and clear aligner therapy with Invisalign and Clear Correct therapies.

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Dental Veneers Pasadena, TX

Dental veneers, also known as dental porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers, are very thin shells made using tooth-colored materials, customized accordingly to cover the front surface of your teeth and enhance your appearance. They are further bonded to your front teeth, thereby changing their shape, size, color, and length. 

Veneers are a great approach to improve the appearance of your smile, especially in case of malformed, chipped, and discolored teeth. The procedure isn’t too long either. All these factors are adding to their popularity throughout the world. 

Who Can Opt for Dental Veneers? 

Veneers are used to restore discolored teeth caused as a result of resin fillings, root canal treatment, stains from drugs, excessive fluoride, etc. 

They can restore worn down, broken, or chipped teeth. This procedure is also used in case of uneven, misaligned, and irregularly shaped teeth. 

Dental veneers also address gaps between the teeth. 

What are the Advantages of Dental Veneers? 

  • This dental procedure gives a realistic appearance to your teeth. 
  • Porcelain has glass-like properties. The surface of this material is impervious and smooth. This factor makes dental veneers resistant to permanent stains. You can consume anything and everything you want without worrying about staining your restoration.
  • Dental veneers made using porcelain are durable. If maintained properly, they can last for as long as 10-15 years. 
  • The color of these veneers can be selected according to the color of your natural teeth. They are customized accordingly to fit your mouth. 
  • Dental veneers do not require a lot of shaping during the procedure. 

What are the Steps of the Procedure? 

  • Our dentist will start the procedure by removing a little amount of enamel from the sides and front of your teeth. 
  • They will create an impression or mold of the prepared teeth by taking into account the dimensions and appearance of your teeth. 
  • The impression is taken to a dental lab, after which your porcelain veneers are customized to fit on your teeth. In the meantime, you may be given temporary veneers. 
  • During your next visit, we will place them on your teeth to check their shape and fit. After adjustments, they will clean your teeth and bond the veneers permanently. 
  • If needful, further changes can be made in the upcoming appointments.

How to Care for Dental Veneers? 

  • Our dentist will advise you to practice proper hygiene to maintain your veneers in the long run. 
  • Do not clench or grind your teeth as they may wear down the veneers. 
  • Make frequent visits to our dental clinic to ensure that everything is in place. 

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